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Branded Content Just Another Shade Of Fake News?

The Content Council on January 30, 2017 - 8:27 am in Brands

Remember blogging for business? Better still blogging by brands? A great deal of what we now call “content marketing” can be traced back to basic business blogging where a brand built audiences by attracting informed search to valuable, relevant content. It created a limited, but specialized and highly-engaged inbound market where relationships were built based on trust and shared interest.

Is it inbound? I don’t think so. Is it valuable and relevant? Probably not. Is it effective as marketing? In my opinion, not for long. Because, if the recipient sees through the intent without getting something out of it, or even if he/she does, the opposite of the desired effect will result.

Surely one missing element in what we used to call “advertorials” is the absence of a genuine, humanized brand voice. An uninvited pitch, no matter how cleverly constructed will fail in this genre without a storyteller and a listener. To create an environment where marketing doesn’t feel like a pitch but rather an experience, it needs to avoid selling and succeed at teaching.

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