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How to Conduct Advertising Research

The Content Council on December 14, 2016 - 8:38 am in Research

Strawberries and cream. Rock and roll. Research and analysis. Some things just work well together.

Advertising research brings together two strategies together to help improve your marketing from two different approaches. It takes a 360-degree view to maximize the lessons you can take from each marketing campaign.

The first is about laying the foundations for good marketing: understanding your audience. The second is a retrospective look at how the campaign performed, allowing you to retain elements that worked and remove ones that didn’t.

Advertising research is a specialized form of market research which aims to discover which ads will be most effective with the existing and potential customer base. It does this both through detailed research before a campaign and by analyzing the success of the campaign.

The aim of advertising research is to understand your customers and their motivations better so that you can produce better ads that demonstrate why your product meets their needs. Once you have an understanding of the people you are targeting, an analysis of the campaign will tell you how successful the campaign was, and help you to iterate your campaigns to continually improve results.

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