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/ Strategy / The pros and cons of mixing advertising with politics

The pros and cons of mixing advertising with politics

The Content Council on February 16, 2017 - 8:50 am in Strategy

Advertising usually exercises caution when entering into controversial ground. Culturally, as an industry it is a follower, not a leader, tackling ‘issues’ only when it has been established that it is safe to do so. The recent trend for ads celebrating feminism or female empowerment, for example, only really took off after a new feminism movement was already gaining ground.

Looked at this way, brands using political messages in their ads clearly see it as a way of connecting with an audience already vocally dissatisfied with Trump. While from the outside, it might appear that brands taking this position are potentially ostracising an audience that doesn’t agree with their viewpoint, it makes sense for a brand like Diesel or Nike – whose target audiences are largely young and urban – to assume that these messages will be appreciated.



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