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Where AI & Native Advertising Come Together

The Content Council on December 13, 2016 - 9:28 am in Research, Strategy

Digital advertising relies on high-quality targeting to ensure that the right ads are delivered in the right place to the right audiences. For native ads, which match the editorial format of the publisher site and so, ideally, want to match the tone and content as well, correct targeting matters even more, writes Julien Verdier, CEO and co-founder, ADYOULIKE. 

That’s because the power comes from the editorial content and the native ad endorsing each other. Whereas in banners, and the like, the ad placement is next to the editorial and not inside. Content and ads stand apart and don’t endorse each other, which makes contextualisation less critical. 

But for native, context is everything. This is where AI comes in, and software like IBM’s ground-breaking Watson artificial intelligence platform can create vastly better semantic targeting for native advertising. The potential is enormous: even stronger than Google AdWords. AI in native advertising is a game changer.  

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