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Burger King Needs To Channel Its Creative Energy Into Something Bigger

The Content Council on October 10, 2017 - 9:02 am in Brands, Creative

I have always had a personal frustration with the Burger King brand. I prefer their burgers when I am forced into fast food (which isn't often), but I find their advertising to be random and empty. More often ripping on the competition (read, McDonald's) than letting people see what makes Burger King itself great. In fact, a few years ago I was so frustrated I had my company develop three brand ideas for the brand and posted them here free of charge (click to see those).

Why am I frustrated? Because I think the Burger King product is much better than the Burger King advertising. That doesn't happen often. It's usually the other way around, sadly, where the ads need to bail out a sub-part product. Now, to be fair, there are many individual pieces of advertising from Burger King that are really good. But every piece is a one-off. None of it holds together, no single mind, no consistent impression, sometimes ends with "Your way" and sometimes not.

And the result is what feels like random acts of marketing or a brand with attention deficit disorder.

Let's meander further into the Burger King mind, shall we?

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