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How marketers are navigating GDPR compliance creatively

The Content Council on August 10, 2018 - 9:05 am in Creative, Strategy

With GDPR finally enforced, marketers are now legally bound to handle, process and store personal data much more securely and transparently. The regulations are putting consumers back in the driving seat by giving them control over their data, and the marketing communications they receive as a result of sharing that data.

Interestingly, GDPR has led to a cultural split in businesses. Marketo published a report revealing that GDPR has produced two ‘tribes’.

There’s the marketing-first group, in which senders have used the legislative changes around data to improve customer engagement, ensuring a level of efficiency in their marketing whilst they get closer to their customer.

On the other hand, there’s legal-first, which is the group of senders who have focused almost exclusively on the process and compliance aspects of GDPR, without considering the opportunity it presents.

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