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How Pepsi Uses Authentic Storytelling To Engage With Its Audience

The Content Council on August 10, 2017 - 11:57 am in Brands, Creative, Strategy

Pepsi is at the forefront of marketing and advertising innovation. Its unique collaboration with the TV hit show EMPIRE has pushed traditional editorial/advertising boundaries to their max. Pepsi has created seamless in-show integrations as part of EMPIRE series’ plot, along with digital content that has extended EMPIRE storylines in order to reach its audience authentically and within context.

Pepsi has teamed up with iHeartMedia, MTV and Shazam to launch “The Sound Drop,” a music platform that provides emerging artists with a stage to grow and connect with their fans. It is with this partnership that real life artists have had cameo appearances as themselves in EMPIRE, an example of life truly imitating art.

Here Content Magazine spoke to both Pepsi’s VP of Marketing, Chad Stubbs, and one of its agency partners Omnicom Media Group’s Content Collective President and Chief Content Office Claudia Cahill, about how the unique collaboration with EMPIRE came to fruition, why product placement within shows is now considered a “low-cost, low-touch” approach, and how to successfully connect custom content with commerce.



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