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How To Tighten Up Your Content Marketing Strategy During A Slow Summer

The Content Council on June 12, 2017 - 8:40 am in Strategy

I love summertime. Right around this time every year, my family and I try to take a vacation together to enjoy the weather and some time to ourselves. Taking time off might be difficult for driven leaders and entrepreneurs (trust me — my wife can tell you plenty of stories about me checking my email “just one more time”). But for most people, this time of year usually means setting up some fun out-of-office responders, closing their computers, and taking some time off.

This collective vacation mode leads to a major seasonal trend that can affect your business and your content. My team and I have seen this happen plenty of times before — audience engagement with content can dip, and no matter what email hacks you use, it’s harder to get people to respond.

While I’m the last guy to argue against some quality time with family and friends, summertime shouldn’t sidetrack your company from its goals. In fact, summer is perfect for getting ahead. Take advantage of your audience’s downtime to tighten up your content marketing strategy and set yourself up for success when they return and start budgeting in the fall and winter. Here’s how.

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