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How to Use Facebook’s Powerful Targeting Capabilities

The Content Council on August 9, 2017 - 8:34 am in Digital

Never have we, as advertisers, had such granular capabilities that allow us to pick and choose who receives our digital advertising impressions. We can place ads in front of our past customers, customers who have recently browsed our websites and mobile apps, as well as target additional prospects who match the closest tendencies of our most valuable customers.

We can distribute these ads across every digital device including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and connected televisions. We can even elect to expand our advertising distribution to other household family members. Our ads appear on the most popular and most widely used apps in the world and are distributed across thousands of other mobile apps and mobile websites.

The ads we create can include video, static design, landing pages, lead forms, digital coupons, and formats tailored to eCommerce. The possibilities are almost endless, and are available to us with no associated ‘hard costs’: no paper, no ink, no postage. Everything mentioned above can be accomplished through the mastery of one singular advertising platform: Facebook. Those powerful targeting capabilities are coupled with extremely low barriers to entry, almost no budget requirements, and the ability to turn ads on and off with the flick of a button.



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