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Nerd Alert! 10,000 Words on 2019 Content Marketing Comin’ Atcha

The Content Council on November 20, 2018 - 10:03 am in Strategy

1. Using What We Know To Make The Web Better

I’ve noticed a marked trend in partnering with clients to audit and enhance existing content, make top-performing content work even harder with repackaging and make email lists work smarter using segmentation. All of these services can be seen as enhancements and as I progress into my 2019 planning, I’ve recommended —or been asked to perform them for every single one of my clients.

For one client, my team is making their email program more personalized and dynamic, leading to a highly engaged customer. For a banking client, we’re adding visual and design enhancements for a better customer experience, establishing them as a trusted financial partner and for another client, we’re using the customer journey to inform how we map and repackage content, which ultimately shortens their sales cycle.

I’ve always believed as we get better at the web, we have an obligation to make the web better. Enhancements are a resourceful and cost-effective way to hold this value high.

—Kate O’Reilly, Content Director



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