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Small Business Spotlight: Pitch 5 Productions

Gemma Rainer on November 8, 2017 - 5:06 pm in Custom Content

In an age where cable TV is slowly drying up and more brands and ad agencies than ever are taking production in-house, one might wonder how a boutique video production company can survive. Brian Gallagher, founder of Pitch 5 Productions in Los Angeles, says, “I’ve learned it’s about saying yes.”

A few years back, Brian Gallagher was working at a large production company when he started noticing a trend. His company was focusing all their energy on trying to pitch expensive TV show ideas, and turning down smaller digital projects that they deemed not worth their time.  Gallagher saw a void in the market and decided to fill it.

“Creativity, flexibility, and efficiency are making the next generation of young production powerhouses an attractive alternative to in-house production or the larger companies,” Gallagher says. Since the beginning, he’s kept his overhead low and his creative team lean and nimble, allowing him to take on most projects that come his way.

This methodology has definitely paid off. At just 3 years in business, Pitch 5 has established itself as a preferred vendor for a number of companies including iHeartMedia, Wayfair, and Trusted Media Brands. All of these relationships started with low-budget digital “test” projects and grew to multi-year campaigns. For Wayfair, Pitch 5 has produced over 100 pieces of content for their hugely successful digital and social campaigns, helping the retailer’s YouTube channel draw over 90 million views.

Bringing in clients alone doesn’t mean much without the chops to deliver. Gallagher recognizes neither clients nor jobs are one size fits all. For each project, Pitch 5 builds a custom team using a combination of in-house creatives as well as a wide network of trusted professionals who have proven experience with the subject matter. This practice encourages different perspectives and out-of-the-box ideas, ultimately producing results that feel fresh.

No one can predict which direction the industry will head next, but Gallagher says “It’s safe to say that there will be continued work for smart, agile production companies. We attract clients because we work within their budgets, and they stick with us because they are happy – with us and with our work.”


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