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The Pros and Cons Of Online Content Types

admin on November 6, 2012 - 10:51 am in Custom Content

By Tom Bishop Director of Marketing and Communications at KnowledgeVision Systems

What’s the best type of content for online marketing? How about for online learning? Or for corporate training?

You can use presentations, webinars, video, white papers, infographics and many other types of content, but is there one single type of content that does it all?

The Best of All Worlds

If you look at the pros and cons of various content types, you’ll notice that there is no tool that gives you immediacy, sharability, searchability and trackability all at once. A completely capable content type would provide all of these attributes and more:

  • It would be up-to-date, like a live webinar
  • It would be multisensory, like a video
  • It would be navigable, like a white paper or e-book
  • It would be actionable and trackable, like a landing page
  • It would be interactive, like a website
  • It would be sharable, like a social update
  • It would be deeply engaging, like a video game
  • It would be searchable and discoverable, like a blog
  • It would be simple to follow, like a slideshow

Here is our infographic showing the primary content types, and how you can tie them all together:

Tom Bishop is Director of Marketing and Communications at KnowledgeVision Systems in Lincoln, Massachusetts. He is an experienced Marketing Professional focused on brand strategy, content marketing, social media, campaign management, market segmentation, research and data analysis, and business development. He brings a great deal of experience in start up companies that are positioned for rapid growth. He received his MBA from Boston University in 2002.


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