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The Psychology Behind Why You Share Creative Content

The Content Council on July 11, 2017 - 8:49 am in Strategy

Visual creative content is a useful communication tool for many reasons. It uses the brain’s visual processing centers to instantly communicate information. It helps brands communicate in a more engaging way. It helps publishers enhance their content. But perhaps what is most enticing about creative content is that it is so shareable. An infographic pinned on Pinterest can generate major traffic, a viral video can garner millions of views, a popular interactive can help you engage with the public. The more content is shared, the better you generate awareness and build a relationship with people.

But, remember, people don’t want to share everything; they only want to share creative content that is valuable to them in one way or the other. So, to create truly interesting, share-worthy creative content, you need to know why people share. Only then can you use that knowledge to create something that motivates them to share.

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