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What are You Forgetting When Developing Your Mobile Advertising Strategy?

The Content Council on August 22, 2017 - 8:11 am in Strategy

We have found ourselves at a point in time where people are so incredibly distracted that it becomes infinitely harder to grasp their attention. The minefield of consumer attention is a hard one to navigate and those who are successful are the ones identifying more creative and engaging ways to forge these consumer connections, writes Nicole Liebmann, head of mobile at Exponential, exclusively for ExchangeWire.

In 2016 mobile accounted for USD$36.6bn (£28.5bn) of the total digital ad spend, which equates to 51%. Despite this increased investment in mobile, many still struggle to deconstruct this complex ecosystem, often falling short when trying to engage their mobile audiences.

The foundation of this problem frequently stems from a lack of education. The want to incorporate mobile as an integral part of a media strategy exists however, without the right education and tools, marketers often find themselves simply repurposing creative from other platforms for use within mobile environments.

How many times have you seen a full TV commercial on your mobile? Now ask yourself, how many times did you watch that entire TV commercial on your mobile? I’d confidently say that the answer to the first question is ‘a lot’ and the answer to the second question is ‘not many at all’. Why? Because the use of a full length TV commercial on a mobile device infrequently works. If anything, it just demonstrates a failed understanding of how people interact with these devices.

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