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What Is Augmented Humanity-And Why You Should Care

The Content Council on March 15, 2019 - 9:09 am in Digital, Strategy

Technology continues to play a key role in the customer experience. The developments we’re seeing have the potential to transform fundamental aspects of the way we live.

This has brought into focus the relationship between technology and humans. At Isobar, we refer to this as “augmented humanity.” More specifically, we define this as “what happens when humans work in harmony with technology and machine intelligence to expand and enrich life, helping us to experience more, and in deeper ways, to make better decisions and to fulfill our potential as humans.”

Augmented humanity impacts everything, from how we work and travel, to how we shop and engage with our favorite brands. Importantly, it changes the time we spend on repetitive manual tasks that can be automated, optimized, or digitized.

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