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Why MasterCard sees itself as a technology company first

The Content Council on January 30, 2018 - 9:26 am in Brands

During a WHOSAY event at the ANA Masters of Marketing in Orlando, Florida, Rajamannar elaborated on that with Erin Andrews, the world’s most famous female sportscaster. Digital is at the heart of everything MasterCard does because he’s aware that the world is continuously moving in that direction. And with that in mind, he declares storytelling, a core tenet of advertising, to be “on its deathbed.”

“I think the advertising model is obsolete,” he says. “For me, the way to reach consumers and engage them is through experiences. When consumers have experiences, they talk about them on their social channels and their friends listen,” he explains. “It’s hugely beneficial for us to engage consumers and make them our brand ambassadors. That’s what we call ‘storymaking,’ which the future is all about.”

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